Potato Salad

Potato salad


1 green salad
200g Ham (shoulder)
4 Firm-fleshed potatoes
4 eggs
2 Tomatoes
4 “Russian-style” pickles (failing that, classic pickles)
Chive sprigs (a little)
3tbsp. Mayonnaise
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Peel the potatoes and immerse them in a large volume of cold water. Bring to a boil & cook for 20 minutes. As soon as they are cooked, drain them and cut them into small cubes.

Boil again a large volume of water and gently immerse the eggs. Count 10 minutes and remove them from the boiling water. Instantly take them under cold water to stop cooking. Peel them and cut them into cubes.

Cut the tomatoes and ham into cubes. Cut the pickles into large slices 1 cm thick.
Wash and wring out the green salad. Tear larger leaves between your hands to make leaves that are easier to eat with a fork.

Gather all the previous ingredients except the salad in a large bowl, place the mayonnaise and mix gently. Sprinkle with chopped chives, before placing the preparation on the lettuce leaves.

Tips and advice for Potato Salad:

Reserve Potato Salad for an hour in the refrigerator to enjoy it fresh.


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