DARK CHOCOLATES – The Bitter The Better

We all have a sweet tooth for chocolates. But the regular ones contain fat that make us gain unnecessary weight, whereas the dark one is different. It is actually manufactured with a lot of healthy nutrients that not only satisfy our sweet cravings but also improve our health in many ways.

  • How is dark chocolates different from regular ones?

The basic ingredient in all these products is Cacao or cocoa. However, the milk content in normal chocolate is much higher than in dark chocolate thereby making it unhealthy. The cacao content in dark ones is lesser thereby making it bitter.

It is said that bitter the chocolate, the better. Dark chocolates with 70% or higher levels of cacao should be consumed to avail of the health benefits.It contains nutrients like iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and selenium. Different nutrients affect our bodies differently and some of the health benefits are mentioned below: –

Healthy Heart: –

Consuming dark chocolate can keep your heart healthy and happy. Being rich in nutrients like magnesium, it opens up blood vessels and regulates heart rate which improves the cardiovascular system in our bodies.

Cholesterol: –

The amount of sugar present in chocolate does not cause any damage to our bodies. They help to regulate the blood-sugar levels and also reduce bad cholesterol levels in the arteries and heart.

Skin Care: –

Dark chocolate keeps the skin protected from the damaging UV rays of the skin, thereby reducing the chances of sunburns and skin cancer. It helps to keep our skin smooth, healthy, and glowing. A mask can also be made of chocolate and caffeine, which will remove dead cells from our skin.

Hair Care: –

It is known to reduce hair fall, promote hair growth and volume and also treat scalp infections by promoting good blood circulation in the scalp.

Reduce Stress: –

Dark chocolate is known to be a stress buster. When consumed, they release endorphins that help to reduce stress and anxiety levels in our body thereby helping us to relax.

Other benefits: –

They help to normalize blood pressure levels, improve eyesight, prevent asthma attacks, fight tooth decay, cure anemia, prevent stroke, make us stronger, and enhance endurance.

  • How to select and store dark chocolates?

Dark chocolates are available everywhere, online and in stores. It is always better to buy from stores so that they can be checked before making the purchase. The texture should be smooth and should not contain any blemishes or dots. The chocolates should always be stored in cool and dry places, away from direct sunlight.Eating chocolates a few times a week is a good way to keep yourself healthy, but consuming it in excess amounts can cause stomach upsets and damage to your body and heart. If you are on a diet but have a sweet tooth, then consuming it in a limited amount will surely make you happy. Also, many dark chocolate recipes are available online.

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